lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011


Every semester Elvira Deyamport from "Thames Elementary" in Hattiesburg, Mississippi USA have her students choose activities or projects that interest them. This semester they are very eager to connect with students from other cultures and learn about life in those cultures and some basic phrases in the home languages.  In Jules Verne School, Miss Julia´s 2nd graders students are also working with skype conferences around the globe sharing their culture with monthly projects, practicing either English or Spanish oral language and other social skills.
          That is why they met last Friday, and spent a wonderful time learning together. 
          The video says more about this wonderful activity, that makes collaborative 
         work, language, emotional intelligence and technology part of our children daily
          school life.

The class considered the following:

  • Introductions: Students Thames´students introduce each other. 
  • "Hi my name is __________. Something special about the United States/Mississippi (our state) is _______________. One thing I wonder about ___________ (insert partner class' country), is _______________ (insert question)." 
  • Mini Language Lesson: Next, Jules Verne Students  teached  basic phrases in their home language (greetings, My name is____, etc). My class would recite and practice along.  
  • Jules Verne´s class also sand a simple children's song. 

  The most important thing is that they spent a very enjoyable time, learning and knowing each other!!

Thanks Elvira´s class!!!! See you very soon!!! 

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