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Mother’s Day Assembly                                                                       Second Grade


By  Miss Cynthia Gonzalez.

Once upon a time there were five mermaids in the ocean, but they were not ordinary mermaids, they were King Triton's daughters. They used to be unconscious about the situation that every creature in the ocean were suffering. In fact, they only spent time swimming and dancing in the ocean, admiring Humans.

One day their guardian Sebastian, asked them to do the right thing and save the Ocean from pollution. Little mermaids didn't want to believe that their loved Humans were able to hurt the Ocean and forgot Sebastian's advices. Suddenly Flounder, a friend of Mermaids, got very sick and little Mermaids realized that Sebastian was right and they must save the ocean.


Arista                                     Anahy Arce Aldape.

Scott                                       Diego Fernandez Fonseca.

Flounder                                 Joshua Alexandre Gonzalez Perez.

Sebastian                                Michel Jacques Aguilar.

Ariel                                       Nicole Jacques Aguilar.

Alana                                      Monica Samantha Quintero Flores.

Adella                                    Cynthia Jatziry Ruiz Villalobos.

Attina                                     Margaret Delia Watkins.


Under the sea Ariel and her sisters were amazed by the strange objects they found...

Adella: Look Arista what a beautiful... thing. (She shows a hand mirror to her sister)

Arista: (Taking the mirror with her hands and spin in a circle) Oh yes!! It looks like me!!
Adella: Not your image , the thing!!

Alana: Oh and what's in your hands Attina?

Attina: Oh nothing... I think is garbage... (She shows a fork to the audience)

Ariel: Garbage?  Don't be silly!!  It's a... (She takes the fork and combs her hair with it) It's precious!!!

Sebastian: (He appears very surprised because the mermaids have all those strange objects) Hey girls!! Leave the garbage !! You don't know where all that garbage have been!!

Ariel: Oh Sebastian, take it easy! There is no garbage in the ocean, they are just human's objects!

Sebastian: Human's waste, you mean!! (At the same time he takes the fork and the mirror from them)

Flounder and Scott: Hey girls! Look what I found!! (Running to Ariel and her sisters).

Flounder: You found it? I did!!

Scott: That's not true!! I did!! (They fight - moving their fins)

Alana: Oh no... Ariel, they are fighting again...

Arista: Oh don't worry, let me fix this... Stop!!! (She yells to both fish)

Flounder and Scott look at Arista and give a pair of sunglasses to Ariel. Sebastian makes an angry face and crosses his arms.

Ariel: Wow! This is perfect... (And she puts the sunglasses on her face).

Sebastian: Give me that! (He takes the sunglasses away). Oh shame on you both fish! (Looking at Scott and Flounder) You know that The King wants his daughters safe and sound! That means away from human garbage!

Sebastian disappears with the objects.

All mermaids: Hey! Don't tell dad!! (As they follow Sebastian).

Ariel: Would you give me my precious things, please? (She´s the last in the line)

Arista, Alana, Adella and Attina: Sssssshhhhhhhhh!!!! (To Ariel)

Scott: I think Sebastian is over reacting.

Flounder: Yes... But he's right in some way because Humans are polluting our home, look... (Both fish spin in a circle).

Scott: Well, let's see what happens...

Fish left the stage and mermaids arrive on the other side.


Look at this stuff
Isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?
Wouldn't you think I'm the girl
The girl who has everything?

Look at this trove
Treasures untold
How many wonders can one cavern hold?
Looking around here you think
Sure, she's got everything
I've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty
I've got whozits and whatzits galore
You want thingamabobs?
I've got twenty!
But who cares?
No big deal
I want more

Sebastian, Scott and Flounder get in the room.

I wanna be where the people are
I wanna see, wanna see them dancin'
Walking around on those - what do you call 'em?
Oh - feet!

Sebastian: Hey girls, I don't want to fight anymore but you must see that you belong to the ocean and the ocean is in danger because humans throw their garbage here and...

Alana: And what?

Flounder: Well girls, you must know that creatures in the ocean are getting sick...

Scott: And sometimes they die...

Attina: What? Why? It's because of Ursula?!

Flounder: Ursula? Oh no, no, no.

Scott: Come on! It's caused by human girls!

Adella: What? Oh no, you are wrong. That's impossible!

Arista: Hey girls, look at the mess around our kingdom. (Everybody looks to the audience)

Ariel: Oh Arista, don't listen to them. We love humans, we want to be where they are...

Alana: We want to walk like them...

Adella: We want to dance like them...

Attina: We want to be like them...

Sebastian: But do you want to pollute the ocean like them too?

Flounder: You are the princesses of this world and you must  protect us!

All mermaids: Protect you?

Scott: Yes! We trust on  you! The King would be proud of you.

Ariel: But we want to have fun just like humans!

Sebastian: Oh girls, I hope you realize soon that the ocean needs you all!

He leaves the stage looking sad...


Flounder: Oh! I don't feel right. I feel cold and wet.

Scott: You are under the ocean, of course you are wet!

Flounder: Seriously, I can't breathe! (He faints)

Scott: Flounder? Flounder!!

Arista: What's going on?

Scott: Something is wrong with Flounder!

Ariel: Oh no! What happened?

Alana: Maybe Sebastian is right, the ocean is polluted...

Adella: Polluted by humans!! (angry)

Attina: Oh no!! What are we gonna do?

Ariel: I know! Follow me!

Mermaids, swim to the surface and talk to Humans (looking to the audience).

Ariel: Hey! We need your help!

Alana: Ariel! What are you doing!

Adella: We can't contact humans!

Attina: We are in a big problem!

Ariel: Please! Stop polluting the ocean! It's home for lots of creatures... like us.

Arista: Ariel, I'm proud of you! You found a solution.

Alana: But do you think it works?

Adella: Hey Humans! You also need to know that you waste lots of water. You need to save water for the future!

Attina: Save energy too! Because energy heats our ocean and creatures get sick... or even die.

Ariel: Like Flounder...

Attina: Flounder! Let's see him!

Mermaids go back deep into the ocean. There were Flounder, Sebastian and Scott. Flounder wakes up when all mermaids are there.

Mermaids: Flounder!

Arista: Hey! Look at the ocean! It's getting better!

Ariel: It looks clean!

Attina: And it's warm!

Sebastian: I knew you can save the ocean!