miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012


Second graders are knowing our place and time and it's much easier when they analyze traditions. All school is working on the same project for Christmas and second graders must make a research about Christmas in Spain.
The first step is that children understand what a traditon is, they've worked in books to notice that every family has traditions and it's not necessary to talk about a special day; families have traditions even every weekend.
I asked kids what things their families do every week to help them see that a tradition is conformed by activity patterns, and some of them answered that they play with their siblings, some of them said that they go to the movies every week, and of course the most of them spend their time playing videogames.

So, the purpose of this blog is to help kids to know what traditions they share as family members and today I assigned to ask to their parents about it. Tomorrow in class we'll talk about it but I would like to ask parents to share some traditions they have. Parents may share what they do at Christmas and later kids may compare their traditions with the Spanish ones.

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  1. Kids recognize some Christmas activities in Spain in also here in Mexico with families.
    They represented some of this traditions in drawings but I can't upload them, so you can watch them in facebook.

    Miss Cynthia.