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Pastorela Fantástica

PROJECT November / December
Pastorelas y posadas: símbolos y significados
Fantastical pastorela

Characters (Dramatis Personae)

Lopez Doriga, a reporter - Manuel Tinoco Tecante 6o 

The Pokemons 
Pokemon  1 -  Lorenzo 2o
Pokemon 2 -  Carolina Hdz 2o 
Pokemon  3  -  Desirée Chambert 2o 

Mr. Chaos - Francisco Santos 6o
Mr. Disaster - Sebastián Sánchez 5o
Devil - Arturo Estrada 3o

The Three Kings (magicians):
Balthasar - Ximena Rojas 5o
Gaspar - Daniela Chávez 5o
Melchior - Daniel Lemus 6o

Storm “Xmen” , an angel - Alegra 4o 
Patrick Star - Diego Lemus 5o 
Sprinkles, the unicorn - Hanna  3o 
Superman -  Eduardo Huerta 6o 

(no dialogue)
Spongebob -   Miguel Antonio 1o 

Mary  Valeria Iturbe  1o 
Joseph  José Diego  1o 

Notes about costumes

Mr. Chaos -  como “Pitchblack” del “El Origen de los Guardianes” - túnica negra y el cabello parado (con mucho gel)
Mr. Disaster - como “Síndrome” de los “increíbles” - leggings negros, leotardo negro con azul botas blancas y capa azul) 

News station.

(Lopez Doriga sits on a chair, ready to read his news report)
Audio -  música de noticiero de López Dóriga 
Escenario  -  utilería  a) escritorio, b) fondo de una ciudad o una ciudad, c) micrófono

LOPEZ D.           Welcome everyone to the breaking news of today. It’s 1pm on the 24th of December and I am Lopez Doriga. There was a lot of contamination in the city today, because of all the cats and dogs it’s been raining from the sky. (holds his hand to his in-ear transmitter and listens) Wait a moment. News just got in that three kids have gone missing earlier today. Our special correspondents, Sprinkles the unicorn and Superman are on their way to find them.

(exit Lopez Doriga)


.   Escenario - Utilería -  a) árbol o jardineras, b)edificios de fondo

(the children, Mr. Chaos and Mr. Disaster are playing with a rope. One of the kids turns to the audience)

Pokemon 1 Lorenzo 2o  This is what happened today.
(Enter Storm). Audio. Música de la Pantera Rosa

STORM.  Hello everyone.

(the children scream, run away and fall over in panic)

STORM.   Don’t be scared! I am STORMookie!

Pokemon 1, 2, and 3 (scared) Who?

STORM.I am an angel! (Audio música de Ave María)  I came down from the sky to give you a message from Our Lord. The son of God is going to be born today and he will be in danger.

Pokemon 1, 2, and 3 (gasp) Oh my God! 

MR. CHAOS(whispers to Mr. Disaster, hiding behind a tree spying) They’re so innocent.   They believe anything.

Pokemon 1 Lorenzo 2o -  We have to help him.

Pokemon 2  Carolina  2o -  Yes, we can do it.

Pokemon 3Desirée  2o -  Can you show us the way?

(enter Patrick Star)  Intro music “  “Under The Sea" – Sirenita 

STORM.Just follow this star. He will take you there.

PATRICK S.Follow me, children, I have candies.

Pokemons 1, 2, and 3  -  Hooray!

(exit Patrick Star, the children following him. Mr. Disaster is about to follow too, but Mr. Chaos holds him back)

MR. DISASTER  What’s wrong?

MR. CHAOSThe son of God? It’s just a silly, silly baby! We should stop them… So Jesus will know what it feels like to grow up all alone and unloved.

MR. DISASTER  But how do we do that?

MR. CHAOS  Who is the most evil guy you know?

MR DIS.…. you?

MR. CHAOS   I’m flattered. But no. The devil!

(enter the devil. he walks up behind them without them noticing)

MR. DISASTER  But where can we find him?

Audio - música de El Diablito de Derbez

DEVILBOO! (Mr. Disaster and Mr. Chaos let out a shriek) You called. What do you want? You have to make it quick, my favourite TV show is just on.  Proyectar imagen del Diablito Derbez.

MR. CHAOS  Jesus is about to be born.

DEVIL (pretends not to care, but clearly angry) Oh really? And what do you want from me?

MR. DISASTER  All our friends are going to see him, but we think he’s silly, so we want to help you stop them.

MR. CHAOS  Against some fair compensation of course.

DEVIL  Okay. How about 777 pieces of pizza? (Mr. Disaster and Mr. Chaos shake their head) 1 million pieces of cake?

MR. DISASTER  Okay. But it has to be chocolate.

DEVIL   Fine. Go join your friends and stop them from reaching Bethlehem AT ALL COST.

Way to Bethlehem.

(enter Lopez Doriga.)

LOPEZ D.     An update on our special story just came in. Patrick Star is now guiding the kids through the desert to Bethlehem, wherever that is. We now switch over to Sprinkles who is with one of the children.

(exit Lopez. enter Sprinkles, the children. Mr. Chaos and Mr. Disaster sneakily join them)

SPRINKLES  What made you just take up and leave and go to the desert? Don’t you have to be in school?

Pokemon 1 Lorenzo 2o  -  We have something more important to do than going to school.

SPRINKLES  What’s more important than school?

Pokemon 2  Carolina  2o -  The birth of Jesus! … and candies.

SPRINKLES   And there you have your answer. Back to you Lopez.

(exit Sprinkles. the children keep on following Patrick Star)

MR. CHAOS (whispers to Mr. Disaster) We need to take out the star. Give him this. (gives a piece of candy to Mr. Disaster)

MR. DIS.(to Patrick) You look tired. This candy will make you more powerful.

PATRICK S.   -  I’ve already eaten so much candy… But sure, why not?

(Patrick Star eats the candy, vomits rainbows and faints. The children gasp while Mr. Disaster and Mr. Chaos cheer…. )

Pokemon 3  Desirée   2o  -    Patrick?

(Patrick Star wakes up again and jumps up and down!)

PATRICK S.   -  It worked!! I feel better than ever!

(they walk on.)

Pokemon 2   Carolina   2o I’m really hungry…

(Mr. Chaos whispers something to Mr. Disaster and they sneak away)

Taco stall.

(Mr. Disaster and Mr. Chaos put up a taco stall. Mr. Disaster holds a bottle marked with poison)

MR. DISASTER   I’m not sure about doing this

MR. CHAOS  Do you want your cake?

MR DIS.(Mr. Disaster nods, is about to pour the poison, but stops) I’m also hungry. Can we have some tacos too?

MR CHAOS   Fine. Only poison half.

(Mr. Disaster makes two piles and adds the poison to one of them. enter children)

MR CHAOS   Come have tacos!

PATRICK S.   Don’t stop, come on children, we have a long way to go…

(Patrick Star exits, but the children stop and hold their hands out for tacos)

MR DIS.  Oh… Which half is which?

(Mr. Disaster hands them from the non-poisoned pile, while he and Mr. Chaos start eating from the poisoned ones. They soon start holding their stomachs. enter Lopez)

LOPEZ D.  We interrupt our regular program –

DEVIL(from off) Oh no, my favourite part. Not again!

LOPEZ D. – to give you a special report on the children. Two of them apparently got very sick after eating bad tacos. We’re going over to Superman who is with them now.

(exit Lopez. enter Superman)

SUPERMAN  What happened? Were they that bad? (Mr Chaos and Mr Disaster make miserable faces and gagging sounds) It’s definitely really bad here, back to you Lopez.

(exit Superman. enter the devil next to Mr. Chaos and Mr. Disaster)

DEVIL Is that really all you can do? (hands them a bottle) Take this it will help you feel better. But if you don’t achieve the mission I will make sure you feel even worse.

Pokemon 1 Lorenzo 2o   -  It’s getting late, we need to hurry.

Pokemon 3   Desirée  2o    -  Where’s Patrick Star?

Pokemon  2   Carolina   2o   -   We lost him! How are we going to find the way?

MR. DISASTER  (lies)    -  He told us which way, it’s right here.

MR CHAOSI’m proud of you, my young apprentice.

On way to Bethlehem.

(the children follow the pointed out path. As they walk on, the sounds of an elephant, small bells and the smell of incense, which will be burnt in the audience appear. The children search for the source. enter Three Kings.)

BALTHASAR  -  What are you doing here?

MELCHOR   Where are you going?

Pokemon 3    Desirée  2o   -  We want to go to Bethlehem.

GASPAR   You’re taking the wrong way. 

MR. CHAOS    Darn. So close!

(enter the devil.)

DEVIL   You fools! I told you you can’t fail again. I won’t give you your cake. 

MR. DISASTER  -     No, it was going to be chocolate!

DEVIL   If you want something done, do it yourself. I’m going to kidnap Jesus!

(exit devil. the children panic)

Pokemon 1 Lorenzo 2o   -  Oh no! He’s going to do what?

Pokemon  2    Carolina   2o   - He’s going to take Jesus!

Pokemon 3     Desirée   2o   -   We have to get there now!

MR Chaos./MR. Disaster   What have we done? We have to stop him…

BALTHASAR  Hm-hm, excuse me. We are magicians. We can transport you. 

(exit all)

Bethlehem. Mary’s house.

(Sprinkles, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Superman, STORM, Joseph and Mary with baby Jesus in her arms are all waiting, enter the children with the Three Kings)

SPRINKLES   I’ve been here for like two hours.

CHILD 2The devil is coming! Hide!

(enter devil)

DEVIL   Get out of my way! I want the boy! 

MR. CHAOS You won’t get him!

MR. DISASTER     We won’t let you have him.

(Spongebob has a jellyfish and throws it squat at the devil’s face where it sticks. the devil starts to shake all over as he’s being electrocuted by it with lots of sound effects.)

DEVIL I’m going to come back again.

(exit devil, enter Lopez D.)

LOPEZ D.We are here on the scene where Jesus was born.    It sounds incredible but he was  saved by these  awesome  and amazing Pokemons. Bravo!!!!   (crying) This is just beautiful!!!!!!

(everybody cheeers)

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