jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012


We are working in a special project. The special thing about this project is that it will be a gift for our moms. Next May, we'll present an assembly in honor to our loved mothers.

The main topic is the History Art but we don't want to repeat all the teacher's information. We want to do something different, so here are the details!

First of all, Art's world has a lot of information, so we investigated Modern & Post-Modern Art. This period began in 1945 with the Abstract Expressionism and we found a lot of interesting things! An example is that we knew the Op Art. Can you imagine a lot of static lines, figures and colors cheating on your eyes? Well, just take a look!!

Our favorite is Pop Art because it contains a lot of colorful pictures of famous people and characters. Do you recognize this?
Of course we haven't finished yet; but now we'll work with the information we've got!

Keep in touch!!

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