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This is a story about a young man that joins the army in the World War II. He was studying Art at the College, and he didn't want to go. After a few days, he returned to his home and just in time to his prom. When he comes back, he rediscovered that art is magic, and art is what people need in this world.

Narrator 1.
Narrator 2.
Narrator 3.
Dr. Lambert.

Narrator 1: Once upon a time, there was a man who was a lover of art. One day, he was called by his major and was asked to join the army to fight against the enemy.

Narrator 2: The man could not deny this order and he prepared to face his destiny. Join the army was his worst nightmare, how will he survive without art?

Narrator 3: This story begins in a city, where people were living day by day trying to get over the war, hopping, and finding a shelter with friends and family members. Saying goodbye to a loved one was the hardest thing...

Tom: Hey, be careful with that (KABOOM!)

Oliver: Oh no!! Not again!! I knew that I shouldn't come! I'm an artist. An artist! Do you hear me??

Tom: Shhh! Please don't get in panic. You know the General will go crazy! This is not the first time that you explode a grenade. Let's go with the doctor!! (He's helong Oliver to walk).

Dr. Lambert: Oh men, rally? Don't tell me...

Oliver: Yes, doc. I'm sorry... I feel terrible.

Dr. Lambert: Of course you feel terrible! You did it again! (He cures Oliver putting a band aid on his head)

Tom: Ooops he didn't again... (dancing and singing like Britney Spears, Dr. and Oliver look at him) Sorry...

Dr. Lambert: But don't worry I heard that we are leaving this horrible place.

Tom: What do you mean?

Dr. Lambert: You know, the war is over I guess.

Oliver: Really? Wow!

Narrator 1: At that moment in a downtown cafeteria...

Samantha: Oh this is the fifth letter that I send to Oliver and I don't have any news about him! How is that possible? I'm desperate!

Alice: Take it easy, he left two days ago!

Erika: (walking next to Samantha's table) Oh don't worry, maybe he is writing to another person... (smiling)

Samantha: Oh why do you say that??

Alice: Don't listen to her Sam, you know she is bad. (Looking to Erika as she says "bad").

Erika: Ja ja ja maybe I am (she walks away)

Fairy: (She gets walking into the cafeteria) Hello Samantha you don't know me, but I definitely know you! And let me tell you: "He is coming back".

Samantha & Alice: What?

Fairy: He's coming back

Samantha: He's coming back?

Fairy: What? That's my part!

Alice: Let´s go Sam, she is crazy. Can you believe what she is wearing?

Narrator 2: Later, at the art class...

Joseph: You'll see Terrence, I will go to the prom with Samantha...

Terrence: Maybe you should talk to her first!

Joseph: Are you with me?

Terrence: Don't get mad, it's just that she is waiting for Oliver...

Joseph: Oh I know!! (very angry)

Terrence: Well, I'm just saying... (looking at the sky)

Mentor: Good afternoon people. Today I will analyze your work, I know all of you have worked a lot. Who wants to start?

Derek: Well, this is my biggest creation (shows his work very proud)

(All people in the class are amazed by the painting)

Erika: It's beautiful... But what is it?

Mark: Obviously is... What is it?

Derek: It is the way I feel about war, you know? This is "Abstract Expressionism"

Everybody: Oooh!

Mark: Well, that's nice Derek. This is my work. (He shows it to the class).

Mentor: Oh my God!

Alice: Oh my eyes! (shouting)

Mathew: Oh man, I feel dizzy!

Mark: But can you see? It seems like it's moving but it is not! It's wonderful!!

Terrence: Mmmm maybe you should go back to the future, where you belong...

Joseph: Yes! You are in the wrong age...

Erika: Well, I like it after all. Don't you see the colors! The lines and figures, the shadows?

Mentor: Well, I must accept that I have never seen something like this before! Good job, Mark.

Mark: Thank you! I call this "Op art"

Eddie: Well, I hope you like my work... You are very difficult people, do you know? (he shows his work)

All girls: Oh, how cute!

Mentor: Nice colors. Your work makes me feel calm.

Eddie: That's the idea! After all, we should find peace somewhere. Don't you think? (Asking to people).

Narrator 3: When the class was ending, the Fairy appears with a big surprise for all students!

Fairy: Hello everybody! I feel so happy to deliver my surprise to you!

Samantha: (whispering with Alice) I know that girl...

(Tom and Oliver get into the classroom, they look dizzy and confused...)

Alice: Sam! Look!

Everybody: Welcome home!!

Oliver: Hi! (Taking Samantha's hands)

Samantha: (Letting go Oliver's hands) Oh, here you are! I sent five letters to you! Why didn't you answered?!

Fairy: (shaking her wand over Samantha's head) You are not angry anymore!

Samantha: Yes, I am!

Fairy: No, you are not!

Samantha: Yes!

Fairy: No! Ash! (She hits the floor and shakes her skirt)

Joseph: Samantha, do you want to go to the prom with me?

Oliver: What??

Erika: Yes, Oliver, Joseph and Samantha are...

Fairy: Good friends!! They are good friends.

Terrence: Oliver, that lady...

Fairy: I am a fairy!

Terrence: Ok, sorry, the Fairy is right. Joseph wanted to invite Samantha to the prom, but she never speaks to him, I think Samantha, doesn't know Joseph.

Joseph: Thank you buddy! (very angry)

Terrence: You're welcome, bud. (He gets down to tie his shoes as Joseph tries to hit him).

Fairy: Hey!! Stop fighting! Can't you see? My gift is not exactly to take these guys with you today. My gift is the expression, the art. All people can express what they feel and think throughout art in all its ways.

Mentor: That's right. People should know that war is not necessary. We have, music, literature, drama, dance, and of course visual arts.

Dr. Lambert: Hey!

Tom and Oliver: What are you doing here, doc?

NegritaDr. Lambert: It's just that I always forgot to give these letters to Oliver!

Oliver: Oh! Do you see, Sam? (Sam smiles) Thank you! The moment is perfect.

Tom: Yes, doc, besides, Oliver couldn't read letters because of all those grenades!!

Mentor: Ok everbody, let's go to the party!!

All narrators: The end.

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  1. La historia trata de un chico que estudia Arte y es llamado para unirse al ejército y pelear en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Su vocación de artista, no le perimite tener un buen desempeño en la guerra, e incluso provoca accidentes. Un par de días después su tropa es enviada a casa.
    Al reunirse con sus amigos, redescubre el valor del arte y de la importancia de expresarse para evitar conflictos.