miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014


Every year we work hard to give our moms a present that shows the way we work in JVS but also we try to please those special beings in our lives.

This year, 2nd graders investigated about pollution and its consequences in the Ocean, also they learnt that a story has an introduction, a problem, and a solution. At the same time, kids learnt to retell events with words lilke first, then, next, and finally.

At the end of all this work, kids made story boards to create their own story to work on Mom's Day Assembly. Kids worked on "The Little Mermaid" story and made some changes to share with their moms what they know about contamination and oceans.

They still working on this project, but now they are developing the characters they will represent.

You'll see lovely mermaids, Flounder and a new friend of him (Scott), and of course Sebastian will be in this play! The story is about Ariel and her sisters, but this time Sebastian is trying to guide them to do the right thing and protect the ocean from Humans pollution. The ocean and every creature in it is in danger of gettin sick or die! Humans don't know how much they are hurting this wonderful world.

We hope that you enjoy this wonderful adventure with us!

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