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Activities for 25/IV/16

PLO'S Patterns demostrate that the line of the symmetry will be congruent.

1) At 8:00 will be make their brain gym,  They will use this theme.
👬👭 exercise with a partner.
First do by yourself 👶, divide your face in the middle, then tell in one side how many 👀👄👂and in the other.
Next you make with the body of your friend. PLEASE WITH RESPECT CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELIGENCE.
2) You will have a sheet of paper you will draw a figure 🌞🌺🍔🍎⭐️💜
3) you will fold in half and have the both halves, match exactly.
4) trace your figure and the line onto the paper, fold your tracing along the line.
5) Think of folding the figure along the line.
6) The two halves appear to be congruent if you do all the steps correctly you have a great conclusion.
7) Comment your conclusions.

PURPOSE: With a tutorial you can prove: the line that divides a figure into two congruent parts is a line  of symmetry.
1) In team you will make a tutorial with your practice in class.
2) Publish and comment 

1) Answer pages RW100 and  RW 101 HSP MATH.

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