jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

Activities for 13/ IV / 16

PLO'S: Features (Writing and Representing)
Uses complete simple, compound, complex sentences and uses strategies to spell unfamiliar words.

Theme: Commands (imperative sentences)
1) watch the pictures and match the commands on page 58.
2) In pairs act out the commands, take turns.
3) Answer pages 59 and  62 S1.
4) In a blue post it write 5 key words and in green post it write 5 the commands and put in the board.

Purpose: Write sentences using commands and spell unfamiliar ( key words ) words.
1) In your notebook write 5 sentences with the key words and the commands.

1)For next Monday (18/ IV/ 16 ) bring your GOOD DAILY HABITS PAMPHLET. 
2) Answer pages  165 and 166 S1.

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