jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

Activities for 11/IV/16

PLO'S: Human and Physical environment.
Describes factors that affect settlement patterns and population in your country.

THEME: From farm to store. 
1) Repeat key words page 102
Work in pairs.
2)Use the pictures of page 156 S1 to tell how bread starts on the farm and ends up in our homes.
3)Name the workers who participate in making bread.
4)Research where your favorite foods come from. Trace in your book ( page 157 ) the process they go through from their original state to your table.

Final product
Purpose: Describe the process from the farm and ends up in their homes.
1) Make a video and invite JVS community to watch it.

Answer pages 100 and101 S1
Read at least 10 min

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