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Activities for 19/IV/16

Reading and viewing

PLO'S : Thinking ( reading and viewing ).
Responds to selections read by expressing an opinion and making judgments supported by explanations and evidence.

Theme: Reading Power ( visualize )
1) Watch the book in YouTube http://youtu.be/jyFut1-FgMQ
2) Close your eyes and visualize the story. "Giberto and the wind" by Marie Hall Ets."
3) Comment your feelings with your team.
4) Answer the questions in your Blog:
a) I visualize with the title.
b) I like the story because...
c) Put a image to illustrate your work.

Final product:
Purpose: responds to selections read by making text-to self using visualize.
Retell the story in your own words: don't forget the principal words (First, then,Next, Finally)
Read "Picture book" page 2 and 3, circle with orange the adjectives. Remember is in your folder.
Read at least 10 min aloud.

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