viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

Activities for 14/IV/16

PLO'S: Number
Understands place value for numbers less one thousandth.

THEME: Place Value
1) In team with color chips will represent a number. Blue will be hundreds, red tens, white ones. At least 3 numbers.
2)Use key words page 148, write on each index card.
3) One teammate takes all the cards and mixes them up.
4) Then, another classmate takes a card and tries to say as many words from the words from the word list that start with that letter.

Final product
Purpose: solves problems involving place value and vocabulary words ( key words ).
1) In your BLOG make problems using place value and key words page 148 like an exam. 
2) Change with a teammate and motivates to solve your exam.

1) Answer pages RW 132 and 133 HSP MATH
2) Study key words page 148 and 102

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