domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

Activities for 21/ IV / 16


PLO'S: Patterns
Understands the relationship within tables of values to solve problems.

THEME: Line plots and find the range and the mode.
1) Research in your IPAD math key words: line plots, range, mode.
2) Each team will choose one theme ( how many glasses drink of water in a week ,how many days you eat fruit and vegetables in a week, how many days you make exercises in a week , how many days you eat junk food in a week.
3) Then you will ask your classmates about your theme and make your line plot.
4) And find the range and the mode.

PURPOSE: Use the line plot to understand relationship to shove problems.

1) Answer page RW63 MATH HSP.
2) Study for Quiz key words

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