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Activities for 18/ IV / 16

PLO'S: Social 
Describes workers that help the population distributation in selected countries.

THEME: WORKERS: baker, delivery man, farmer, miller
1) Research the activity of this workers make a Pic Collage in pairs
2) Answer page 158 S1 and write the name of each worker under each box.
3) Listen,point, and repeat U6 Track 22 and answer pages 120 and 121.
4) In pairs play the missing letters to complete the Key Words.

PURPOSE:  Describes the activities of the workers using the key words.
1) In your notebook make a story. Use the workers and the 9 key words. Remember is important to use in your story: First, Next, Then and Finally.
2) Tell the story to your group and evaluate the comments.
3) Publish your story in the Blog 

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