lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

Activities for 9 / V / 16

Language Arts
PLO'S: Features ( Writing and representing).
Uses like or don't like in complete sentences.
Theme: When we use works and work AND VOCABULARY WORDS
1) Listen, point and repeat U7 Track 6,7 and answer page 40 S1
2) Make a list personal persons with work and works with drawings in your notebook.
3) Look at the sentences in page 50 SI and check answer page 52
4) write sentences with work and works with the questions on page 52.

Final product
Purpose: Make sentences with works and  work and workers page 51
1) Make at least 3 sentences with work and works using the workers. 
2) Make a Pic Collage 

Answer pages 51 and 53 S1.

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