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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: An inclusion story






Narrator: Adrián                                  Belle (1) : Valeria         Beast: José Miguel             Gastón : Saúl

Lefou: Ian                                           Baker: Patricio.           Marie baker wife: Sara.        

Barber: Luciano

Belle (2): Isa Rueda                            Antonella:               Isa Flores                            Graciela: Carolina

Library: Miguel Ángel                          Desy: Desireé.       Clock: Mariana.               Candlelight: Milena

Mrs. Potts: Miranda.                          Chip: Leyre.           Franco: Franco




Belle (1) : Little town, it's a quiet village

            Every day is like the one before

           And always the same people


Baker : Bonjour! Belle

             Where are you going?

Belle (1):  To the bookshop I just finished the most wonderful story

             Do you want to hear  it?

Baker: I am so busytomorrow 

Marie ( baker wife): Good morning Belle you can say it to me,

                                   I have a lot of time.

Belle (1): Is a wonderful story about an ogre and a belle...

Marie: It's a romantic story

Belle (1) : Yes it's

Baker: Marie! The baguettes! Hurry up

Marie: Sorry, Belle I have to work, my husband will get angry.



Narrator: Belle walks with her basket and she hears some people. 

Anabelle: Look there she goes that girl is strange, no question.

Graciela: Dazed and distracted,  we should tell her!

Belle (1) : I don't care  your comments, I am a happy girl. 

Graciela:  Her  mind is in another place. 

Barber:   Oh yes, Belle Belle with her thoughts and dreams………………

Librarian: But she’s a funny girl and she loves to read books.

Anabelle, Graciela, Barber, Librarian:    SHE ALSO LOVES TO DANCE THIS SONG!


SONG    Beautiful.



Narrator:  Belle has been reading a book and her dreams take her to a fantastic place 

Graciela: Tell me about your book?

Belle  (2) : My favorite part is when the girl meets a prince but ...

Graciela:: but it is a story don't dream, 

                   You  have to think about ...

Franco:     I would like to be a very close person in your life. 

Belle (2): I want someone who listens to me and respects me.  

Graciela:   Handsome and rich, like Gaston.

Belle (2) : I don't think so.



Lefou: Wow.!  You're the greatest hunter in the whole world.             

Gaston: I know,  I am the greatest hunter.

Lefou: Mmm! the inventor's daughter?

Lefou: But she's ...

Gaston: the most beautiful girl in town, that makes her the best and I deserve her. 

Lefou: Well, of course! I mean you do but

Gaston: Right from the moment when I met her, she is a beautiful as me. ( he is watching in a mirror)

               I will get married with Belle.

Narrator:   A beautiful and peaceful girl  appears nameDesireé.

Dessy :Look there he goes

             Am I dreaming?

            Monsieur Gaston you are so cute

            My heart is beating so quick!

            You are strong and  really fantastic.

Gaston: I know but I am going to make Belle my wife!



 Narrator : Belle runs and hides in a cave. Then she hears noises, a clock and a candlelight appears.

Belle /2): Is he gone ?

Clock: who?

Belle  (2): Gaston

           Can you imagine he asked me to marry him?

Candlelight: Oh,  you will be Madam Gaston.

Belle  (2) : No sirnot me.

Mrs. Potter: But he is very handsome.

Belle (2): I don't take care how a person looks 


Mrs. Potter and chip:  She is so romantic!!!!!

Narrator: Belle shows a shadow, the Beast appears  ( angry)

Beast: Why did you come here?

             This  is my home

Belle (2): I'm sorry 

Beast:  You never come here.


Narrator: The beast begins to throw all the furniture.

Belle (2): Please stop, no!

Beast: Get out  I am so ugly and you are a beauty and I  have always loved you!

Belle (2):  I think you are a kind person.

Mrs. Potter: Listen, Chip they have been talking for hours. 

Chip: Do you think they have fall  in  love?

Mrs. Potter: Sure, just hear the song…………….


SONG -  Beauty and Beast




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